Editorial Guide

To make Editorial on Submission become easier, below we provide guidance on how to submit articles in OJS.

1. Login and Check the submission that doesnt have editor on the "Unassigned Submission" .


2. After page changed to the submission window, click on Assign to assign the Editor.


3. Select the Editor you wish to assign (you can search the Editor's name if it doesnt showed up on the list) then Click OK.


4. Next, you can make a decision for the submission that have been submitted. Click on Send to Review if you wish the paper to be review by reviewer, Click on Accept and Skip Review if you wish to accept the paper and skip the review process, or Click on Decline Submission if you wish to reject the paper.


5. If the decision goes to Review process, then you can assign reviewer to Review the paper. Click on Add Reviewer under Reviewers tab


6. Pop up box will show that contain list of Reviewer, Select the Reviewer you wish to assign to Review the paper.


7. Wait until Reviewers finish their Review process, after Reviewers submit their Review you can see their recommendation for the paper.


8. You can make further decision for the paper, click on the Request Revision button if you wish to start another round for the paper review, Click on Accept Submission to accept the paper and Click on Decline Submission to decline the paper.