Author Guidelines

Example of Title Page               Example of First Page of Manuscript                 Example of Table Notes

Each paper submitted to the Bulletin of Monetary Economics and Banking (BMEB) should be in English consist of the following. Those papers not following these instructions will be returned to the submitting author for formatting. To avoid a delay in processing your submission, please follow these instructions:


(1)    Title Page: The title page should include paper title, and author names and affiliations. This should be a 1-page document. This page should be uploaded separate as “Title Page”. Save this document with the name “Title Page”. See example on Example of Title Page.

(2)    The Manuscript should start with a title followed by a 100-word abstract. This should be labelled page 1. The second page should start with the introduction. See Example on First Page of Manuscript.

(3)    The manuscript as prepared in (2) should NOT include any author names (identifications) and affiliations. The manuscript, in other words, should be anonymous.

(4)    All manuscript should be in double spaced, in font size 12, and must use “Times New Roman” style.

(5)    All tables and figures should appear after the reference section and they should be SINGLE SPACED. Each table/figure should go on a separate page. See example of single spaced table on Example of Table Notes.

(6)    Each table and figure should include notes beneath the table/figure title. See example on next page.

(7)    Convert your two documents (the title page) and the manuscript (without author details) as a PDF file before uploading your two files.

(8)    Make your paper neat and attractive. If you want to view an example paper, send an email to the Managing Editor (

(9)    Make your tables consistent. See example table. Note: the table title is centred and in font size 12. The rest of the notes and table itself is in font size 10. Notice how the table is attractive and neat. We want reviewers to be attracted to your paper not discouraged therefore neatness reflects the identity of a research. Pay attention. For any questions email Managing Editor (