QUARTERLY ANALYSIS: The Progress of Monetary, Banking and Payment System Quarter II – 2012

  • Author Team of Quarterly Report Bank Indonesia


During the increasing uncertainty of the global economy, Indonesia is still able to grow by 6.4% (yoy). The main source of the economic growth is domestic demands, which are the increasing household consumptions and investments. The high household consumption is in accordance with the consumers’ confidence and stable consumers’ purchasing power, as indicated from the high sales of retailer. The high consumption and conducive business climate lead to the increase of investment. This condition is supported by business agents’ optimism. Meanwhile, the export growth slowed rapidly as the impact of the slowing down global economy that leads to decreasing demand of the main trading partner country and the low price of commodities. On the other hand, import increase along with the increase of investment activities, particularly machinery and conveyance equipment investment. In the future, the prospect of Indonesian economy would remain strong by 6.3-6.7% in 2012; even several factors of risk should be monitored.


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